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Full-Service Listing

Our low-commission Real Estate Agents are ready to help you sell your home. We are a full-service brokerage that does everything from Sign to SOLD, all while we save you Thousands of Dollars in Real Estate Commissions.  It’s our way of saying thanks for choosing Platinum Real Estate Professionals as your Real Estate Professionals.

*based on a 1% listing fee and 2.5% buyers agent fee

  • Professional Photography of Your Home

  • Professional Yard “For Sale” Sign

  • Set Up Escrow with the Title Company of the Client’s Choice

  • Electronic Key Box to keep the home secure and for potential buyers the home
  • Schedule ALL Showings of the Client’s Home
  • Handle all paperwork and negotiations on behalf of our client, discussing all details thoroughly and answering any questions
  • Work with Title Companies, Lenders, Inspection and Appraisal Vendors and other real estate agents to insure a smooth transaction
  • Platinum Real Estate Professionals is here to get your home listed all while saving you over 40% in real estate commissions

Average Savings

Saving You Thousands with Low Commissions

If you’re selling your home anywhere within the state of Utah, work with licensed real estate brokers and discount real estate agents who will save you thousands of dollars and handle EVERYTHING. Work with Platinum Real Estate Professionals!

We offer full representation and listing services that save you over 40% in overall costs. But beyond our great prices and our low commissions, our real estate agents also provide great service. Our real estate brokerage is known for its honest and trustworthy brokers and agents who get you the best results rather than focusing solely on their commission.

See for yourself just how much you can save by going with one of Oklahoma’s best real estate brokerages

Decorate Your New Home with the THOUSANDS that you are SAVING with Platinum Real Estate Professionals!

$300,000 HOME

SAVE $7,500 with Platinum!

Save Thousands with Platinum Real Estate!

*based on a 1% listing fee and 2.5% buyers agent fee

Listing with Platinum

Cost with another brokerage

$500,000 HOME

SAVE $12,500 with Platinum!

Save Thousands with Platinum!

*based on a 1% listing fee and 2.5% buyers agent fee

Listing with Platinum

Cost with another brokerage

$700,000 HOME

SAVE $17,500 with Platinum!

Save Thousands with Platinum!

*based on a 1% listing fee and 2.5% buyers agent fee

Listing with Platinum

Cost with another brokerage

Meet our Amazing Owner

Platinum Real Estate Professionals are here to save you money and all the hassle!

Platinum Real Estate Professionals isn’t your average brokerage. We’re known for our excellent service and we are proud to have our achievements recognized with numerous awards.

Mark Aguirre

Principal Broker/Owner

Mark started his real estate career in 2013. He developed a “Pay It Forward” business model in 2015. By using this business model he showed continued growth of over 2000%, year over year, as a result. In April of 2017, Mark attained enough points and experience to attain his Brokers license and start up his Brokerage Agency in Utah which is called Platinum Real Estate Professionals, PLLC. In his new role as Principal Broker/Owner of Platinum Real Estate Professionals, PLLC, we continue to pass on savings to their clients by listing their homes for MUCH LESS. Then at the end of 2023, He opened up an entirely separate brokerage business in the State of Oklahoma where he currently resides to bring the same epic services and business model to the Greater Tulsa and surrounding communities. You can expect to receive impeccable real estate representation, and no hidden fees whether you buying or selling.
What are you waiting for, let PLATINUM REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS go to work for you NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have to pay a 6% Commission fee just to Sell your home?2023-12-28T17:25:25+00:00

Answer: NO.  In fact, a lot of consumers misunderstand the 6% Commission when it comes to Selling a home.  The Fee, to List a home, most Brokerages will charge a fee of 3%, then have their Seller client offer a Buyers Agent Commission of 3% on the MLS, totaling a total fee of 6%.  What most brokerages don’t explain is the Seller determines the Buyers Agent commission prior to listing.  At Platinum Real Estate Professionals, this is where we set ourselves well ahead of our competition.  We List our client’s homes for a 1% Listing fee all while providing everything from sign to Sold.  You get the same representation as you would expect from any other top Real Estate firm, Professional photography to showcase your home, a Professional Yard For Sale Sign, an Electronic key box to safeguard the key to your home to allow agents to show it to prospective buyers,  open communication and availability throughout the process meaning you can get a hold of your agent at any time to answer any questions or concerns at any given time, handle all paperwork regarding contract documents and negotiations on your behalf (Full Representation).  In a Nutshell, Platinum handles everything from Sign to Sold and our fee never changes.  Our fee is a 1% period.

Does Platinum Real Estate Professionals List on the MLS even though they charge a reduced commission? 2023-12-28T17:25:36+00:00

Answer: Absolutely YES.  Just because Platinum is a reduced Commission Brokerage does not mean they reduce their services in any way.  They provide impeccable service just like any other full-service brokerage.  The only difference between us and our competition is the Commission fee we charge.  We list on the MLS as well as all the other social media websites to market your home to get it sold.

Who chooses the Escrow Company when Selling a home? 2023-12-28T17:25:44+00:00

Answer: The Seller makes this call.  A good real Estate agent will assist them in the due diligence to find a great Escrow company that has competitive fees and a great track record but the final decision on which to use is made by the Seller.

Why choose Platinum Real Estate Professionals to Sell your home vs. a Top Brand Brokerage?2023-12-28T17:32:04+00:00

Answer: Platinum Real Estate Professionals was established to benefit their clients.  They provide an impeccable Real Estate experience without charging outrageous fees.  It is the way Real Estate should be in every market.  They bring true meaning to the phrase MORE for LESS.  Our business model is truly what every consumer deserves.  We handle everything from Sign to Sold, just like we say we do, which allows our client to get their home sold and keep a majority of their equity in their pocket. 

* For more questions and answers regarding the Sale or purchase of Real Estate, give us a call. We would be happy to answer every question you have with no obligation to sign on with us. We trust after speaking with us, the choice will be easy.

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